We have just completed an addition onto our deck and really would like to be able to extend our patio season to enjoy the new deck longer. I was at a Canadian home show and saw the Veito® infrared heater that has an IP55 rating for outdoor use and it can be outdoor wall mounted and it is electric so there are no heavy awkward propane tanks to refill.

The Veito® Blade 1500W carbon infrared outdoor wall mounted heater comes with all the mounting hardware and simple instructions for proper outdoor wall mounting.  Once installed we could sit outside and use the long distance remote control to set the temperature and  we were informed that one single remote could set a group of heaters meaning we would only need one remote to control 2 or more heaters. Having the infrared outdoor wall mounted heater means that we can enjoy being on the patio after the sun goes down or a little longer in the spring and fall.

We like our outdoor wall mounted heater so much that we purchased an online heater for the other side of the patio. Ordering a heater online was easy and shipping was fast. 1 from a home show and one online heater and we have the perfect pair of outdoor wall mounted heaters to enjoy anytime.

Veito® Blade 1500W, 2500W and the Veito® Aero 2500w have an IP55 rating and are designed to be outdoor wall mounted heaters. (2500W units do need professional installation.)