Veito® Blade 1500W Heater Black


The Veito Blade 1500W heater is a powerful new infrared heater, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The elegant and compact design complements the sturdy quality of the heater, which is known for providing lifelong consistent performance. Every Blade heater has been uniquely crafted to offer you the most efficient heating.

Multiple Blade heaters, and several of their features, like heat level control, timer, power setting, and automatic temperature control, can be controlled with just one remote device.

The Veito Blade 1500W Heater can be shipped anywhere in Canada. We dispatch your orders within 48 hours of processing, and the delivery depends on your choice of shipping method. You can select your preferred shipping option during checkout. For any queries or requests regarding return/replacement of the Veito Blade 1500W Heater (Black), please feel free to speak to our Customer Services Department, via the Contact Us page.


Infrared heaters use the same technology that is naturally present in the sun. The heat rays warm the object and individuals directly, instead of heating the air. This means that people, objects and entire floors become heat reservoirs, resulting is energy efficiency and bigger savings on your electricity bills.

The environment-friendly Veito Blade 1500W infrared heater converts 100% of input energy into heat to quickly heats zones and individuals. This leads to maximum energy efficiency, and significantly brings down your heating bills. With less than 10 seconds needed to emit heat after being plugged in, the Blade is as quick as it gets!
Another unique property of the Blade is the use of carbon fiber technology that guarantees uniform distribution of heat, instead of hot and cold spots. This technology also helps in generating 25% more heat than other heaters.

The fixing brackets that come with the Blade make installation easy and effortless. The heater can be placed vertically, horizontally or even suspended from the ceiling – it is designed in a way to fit any space inside or outside.
The plastic edges are totally resistant to heat, and the protective exterior grill comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The many features of the Blade, like regulating heat levels, timer function, automatic temperature control etc. can be managed from a full functional remote control. In fact, several Blade heaters can be controlled with a single remote as they all have the same frequency. The remote can be used to regulate the heaters from a long distance as well.
Several built-in safety features add security while using and handling the Blade heaters. These safety features include, but are not restricted to, tip over protection, motion sensitive auto shut off, sleep timer, overheat protection, auto-shut off timer etc.

The Blade is an efficient, environment-friendly and powerful heating device that packs in innovation and elegance.

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