Veito® Blade 1500W Heater Silver


The Veito Blade 1500W heater is a multi-feature infrared heater, which is uniquely built to provide robust indoor and outdoor heating solutions. The edgy and modern design of the heater not only looks aesthetic, but also occupies minimal space. Blade heaters are known for their powerful lifelong reliability.
The Blade infrared heater comes with a full control remote that can be used to regulate heat levels, power settings and the timer function. Furthermore, since all blade heaters operate on the same frequency, you can effectively control multiple Blade heaters with a single remote.

The Veito Blade 1500W Heater can be shipped to any state in Canada. We ship orders within 48 hours of processing, and the delivery depends on your preferred shipping method. You can select your shipping method at the checkout page. For any requests with respect to return/replacement of the Veito Blade 1500W Heater (Silver), please reach out to our Customer Services Department, through the Contact Us page.


Infrared heaters use infrared rays to warm objects and individuals directly. The infrared heating technology is much more efficient than conventional heaters, that heat the air, and helps you save energy and money.

The Veito Blade 1500W infrared heater offers maximum energy efficiency, by converting 100% of input energy into heat. Since the Blade focuses on heating individual zones and spaces, the heating is quicker, effective and efficient. This means that no energy is wasted in heating the entire space that helps you save on your electricity bills. The Blade begins radiating heat within 10 seconds of being switched on, and works effectively and effortlessly.
To ensure even and uniform distribution of heat, carbon fiber technology has been used in the infrared heaters. Effectively, this also means that the heaters are capable of producing nearly 25% more heat than other heaters.

The Blade can be easily installed inside or out, and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or be hung from the ceiling. The swanky design fits in seamlessly with any surrounding, and occupies minimum room. The exteriors of the heater are completely heat resistance, and the protective grill has a lifetime guarantee.
The remote can be used to adjust heat levels, set the timer, and regulate automatic temperature. This leads to effortless management of Blade heaters, and also savings on bills. All Blade heaters run on the same frequency, which allows you to control more than one heater from the same remote. The remote has a wide range and can be used from a long distance as well.
The Blade comes with multiple safety features like tip over protection, motion sensitive auto shut off, auto timer shut off, sleep timer, overheat protection etc. These features act as strong safeguards to make the usage of Blade heaters extremely safe.
The silver model uses high-grade chemical covered shiny aluminium for a premium look. Each and every Blade heater is built to offer strong and powerful heating and a lifelong performance.

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