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You can make your Veito Blade heaters portable easily, using the heater stand.
The heater stand allows you to move around your Veito infrared to any location you want, and is built using light-weight aluminium. The telescopic design of the stand comes with a pivot, which can be used to effectively direct the heat emitted wherever you want. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, the heater stand is weather proof.

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The Veito heater stand is accompanied by mounting brackets which make installation simpler. Your Veito heater becomes portable with the stand, and can be used anywhere, indoor or outdoor, according to your convenience.
The stand has a solid X style base which is resistant to tipping. The telescopic height and pivot can be raised or lowered according to requirements, and helps in easy disassembly for easy transport.

ONLY TO BE USED WITH VEITO BLADE 1500W Model in Black or Silver

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