Veito® Blade S 2500W Heater Black


The Veito Blade S 2500W Heater is the powerful wall and ceiling-suspended infrared heater with an IP55 rating. This means that the heater has protection against dust and low pressure water from all directions. The elegant and compact design ensures that it occupies minimal space. Every Blade Heater has been distinctively designed to offer you a durable, strong and consistent life-long performance

The Veito Blade S 2500W Heater comes with a full control remote to regulate power settings, heat levels, timer and the automatic temperature control feature. As a matter of fact, you can control multiple Blade Heaters with a single remote device, as all Blade Heaters operate on the same frequency.

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Heaters that use infrared technology work the same way as the sun, by directly heating the object, and not the air around it. This results in faster and efficient heating, and in practice, turns objects and entire floors into heat sinks.

The Veito Blade S 2500W heater is environment-friendly, and helps you save a great deal on energy bills. Since it converts 100% of the energy input into heat, energy wastage and inefficiency is practically nil. Blade Heaters can start providing heat within 10 seconds of being turned on, and heat focused areas and individuals instead of large spaces. Consequently, this means that you can keep warm the areas that you want – without the heater wasting energy. Equipped with the latest carbon fiber technology, the heaters generate 25% more heat than other heaters that also eliminates hot and cold spots, by evenly distributing heat. The Blade S 2500W has four settings, 1000W-1500W-2000W and 2500W.

The Veito Blade S 2500W comes with easy fixing brackets which help in outdoor installations. The Blade Heaters can only be mounted with included brackets vertically, horizontally or hanging from ceiling, without impacting their performance. The built and design of the Blade Heaters is compact and sturdy. The exterior plastic on the outer edges and back are completely heat resistant. The exterior protective grill comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Blade S Heater has been built to give consistent and powerful performance.

The remote can be used to control automatic temperature control feature, set temperature, heat levels and the timer function from a long distance. You can use a single remote to control more than one Blade Heaters as well.

The many safety features in Blade heaters include the tip over protection, motion sensitive auto shutdown, auto shut off timer, sleep timer and overheat protection, which shuts the heater on reaching a specific temperature, thereby ensuring energy saving.

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