In Canada, there is always great excitement when our favorite businesses announce that it is finally patio season. Sitting outside to enjoy time with friends, family or coworkers makes the time that much more relaxing; sitting sipping and watching the world walk by. More and more places are using an outdoor heater to extend the hours and length of patio season in restaurants.

The Veito® Blade infrared 2500W heater and the Veito® Aero infrared 2500W heater are the perfect outdoor heaters for commercial use.  Every Veito® commercial heater has a universal remote control so if you have 1 to 100 and only need one remote to set them all.

Commercial use for the Veito® Blade 2500W or Veito® Aero 2500W infrared heater can be in any setting; a barn, warehouse, restaurant, garage, green house, kennels or any other commercial application. They will provide indoor infrared heating or outdoor infrared heating making the space more comfortable and energy efficient.

By using Veito® heaters for commercial use you are able to heat people, animals and objects in the space but not waste energy or dollars heating the air. By using Veito’s® latest carbon fiber technology you have even heat distribution and will not have hot and cold spaces, this generates 25% more heat than other forms of Infrared heater which makes a great outdoor and indoor heater.

The Veito® Blade 2500W infrared heater and the Veito® Aero 2500W infrared heater can be mounted with the included brackets in either a vertical, horizontal, or hung in place from ceilings allowing for mounting in any commercial space.  With tip over protection and motion sensitive auto shut off safety features Veito® provides efficiency, safety, comfort and energy savings in all commercial heating uses