The winters make you freeze to the marrow which desperately makes us look for options to keep the body warm. We’ve all tried warm clothing and wrapped ourselves in layers, which only tend to annoy us more. Nothing really substitutes buying an indoor heater to heat our homes.

Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater is one such technology to our rescue that will keep us away from this misery. Veito carbon heaters uses infrared rays to heat the surrounding area within a jiffy making it the most convenient heater.
Where primary heaters fail to heat up entire rooms, the Veito carbon infrared heater is eco-friendly and efficient enough to heat up your room without making it stuffy like usual heaters. It provides heat in an efficient manner and consumes less energy which helps us save.

The Veito standing heater is the type of heater that is used for heating personal space. It is exceptionslly unique because the heat it produces is similar to the heat produced by the sun. The infrared rays heat objects directly, not the air around it, thus giving you warmth instantly.  The heater comes with a remote control which allows you to wirelessly control the heater’s settings.

Technical Specifications
Model: CH1500RE
Heating Capacity:   6600 BTU/h
Maximum Power:  1500W
Space for Use:  16 sq m
Power Supply: AC 120V 60Hz
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 135cm
Weight:  2.8kg

The Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater unlike other conventional heaters doesn’t make any noise or sound, due to its fanless structure. It is ultra portable which makes it the best indoor standing heater.