The Veito® Blade 2500W Heater in black is a wall and ceiling mounted carbon infrared heater. It can be used in any weather conditions. It has an IP55 rating, which means it is approved and protected against dust. It has a modern sleek design that does not occupy a lot of space in your room like regular infrared ceiling heaters usually do.

The Veito® Blade 2500W Heater in black features a full control remote that controls heat levels, power settings, timer function and temperature settings. The Blade heaters and the remote control have the same frequency, which makes it possible to control several Blade Heaters with just one remote.

Infrared panels emit an enormous ratio of heat as radiant heat. This heats objects directly, rather than warming the air. Because they work by heating directly, these heaters warm you as soon as you turn them on; they do not need time to warm up a room. It is a cheaper alternative to the usual electric fan heaters and provides heat which is less stuffy as compared to the heat generated by other heaters.

The Blade S is the best infrared heater for home which is made of the latest carbon fiber technology and gives you even heat distribution. This technology produces 25% more heat than other infrared heaters. The protective grill is made from 304 stainless that has a lifetime guarantee. It requires a voltage of  220V – 240V AC (220V plug in required or a qualified electrician to install) and needs 8.7 ampere of current. It is 90cm x 13cm x 9cm (WxHxD) in dimentions and has weight up to 2.2Kg.

Technical Specifications
 Blade S 2500W Black
Heating Capacity:
 12000 BTU/h
Veito® Filament Carbon bulb:
 guaranteed for 10,000 hours
IP Rating:
  IP55 (water resistant)

The Veito® Blade 2500W Black is the best option for those looking to buy infrared heaters online.