The Veito Blade 1500W is the latest effective wall and roof mounting infrared heater, which can be used for heating inside and outside. Veito Carbon Infrared Heater has a modern sleek design that barely consumes any space and can be either installed to the roof or kept in any corner of your house on the Veito Heater Stand separately available for this heater. It has an integrated heat settings controller that allows you to set the heating level to your preferred configurations.

The Veito Carbon Infrared heater also comes with a remote that has functions like timer management, temperature control management and power management. It’s possible to also alter heat levels of several Blades heaters with just one remote.
The product is flexible enough to provide you the heat you need regardless of where you are. The heater is very easy to use and is an economical solution for people who want to buy infrared heaters online.

The Veito Carbon Infrared heater has its blades in silver and requires 110-120V AC 60HZ voltage. It utilizes a power of 1500-1700W with the current being 13.6-14.2. It is a 2.0 Kg heater with dimensions being 90cm x 13cm x 9cm (WxHxD). It heats upto 8000 BTU/h and is a water resistant infrared heater.

Why should you buy this Veito infrared heater?
The Veito Blade heater has blades that provide heat through infrared rays. Infrared rays are emitted through panels that exchange a very high ratio of heat as radiant heat. This heats objects directly, rather than warming the air. Because they work by heating directly, these heaters warm you as soon as you turn them on; they do not need time to warm up a room. The veito infrared heater consumes less electricity as compared to other heaters and also does not soak up the moisture which creates stuffiness inside the room.

The Blade has many built in protection measures which include tip over power off functionality in case the heater tips over. When its get too hot and the designed heat range is reached, the unit will turn off instantly, which help you save on your utility bills. The Blades are top quality heating units that offer a solid extended life performance.

Technical Specifications
Model: Blade Silver
Voltage: 110-120V AC 60HZ
Power: 1500-1700W
Current: 13.6-14.2
Dimensions: 90cm x 13cm x 9cm (WxHxD)
Weight: 2.0kg
Heating Capacity: 8000 BTU/h
Veito Filament Carbon bulb: guaranteed for 10,000 time (nickle lights only 9,000 hours)
IP Rating: IP55 (water resistant)

If you are looking to buy an infrared heater online in Canada, which will provide you the perfect amount of warmth, then you should buy the Veito Carbon Infrared Heater.