The Perfectly Portable Indoor Heater

Veito® Canada makes the perfect indoor standing heater that will heat any space to keep you comfortable in any space. The Veito® CH1500RE infrared standing heater is a free standing indoor heater that is height adjustable, has 4 different temperature settings and a long distance remote control. The Veito® infrared standing heater is height adjustable from 82cm – 135cm (32.5” – 53.5”) and comes on its own round base stand.

Having a portable infrared standing heater means that you can easily move the Veito® CH1500RE from room to room with you; it is light weight making it the perfect heater for your home, cabin, RV, office or garage. Any place that you need a little extra heat can now be warm and cozy in seconds and save you on your heating costs.

Veito® Canada uses the latest carbon infrared technology to power the CH1500RE that leads to better heating and greater savings. Infrared heaters heat just like the sun does, by heating people and objects first and infrared heat is instant. When you stand out in sunlight your skin can feel the heat but if you step into the shade it is cooler, just like the standing heaters infrared heat where the warmth is felt in front of the standing heater but not behind it.

With stylish modern design the Veito® Ch1500RE standing heater will fit into any décor keeping every space comfortable. (Unlike other Veito® infrared heaters the Veito® CH1500RE is not rated for outdoor use.)

With special online deals on now there has never been a better time to order your own infrared indoor heater and not only stay warm, but have a functional heater that you can show off to friends and family that stop by. No need to substitute a great look for functionality.