Veito® CH1500RE Standing Heater Black


Veito Free Standing Heater
The aesthetically designed carbon fiber Veito free standing heater is a powerful heater that provides efficient heating solutions, both indoor and outdoor. The adjustable height stand, choice of 4 different temperature settings, remote control function, and easy portability of the standing heater enables you to carry your heater anywhere you go. Rooms, offices, cabins, garage, workshops, patios and balconies – the Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater (Black) will give you incomparable heating.

The Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater Black can be ordered for delivery across Canada. We process orders and dispatch them within 48 hours, but your shipping method determines the time of delivery. You can choose your preferred shipping method at the checkout page. Connect with our Customer Services Department via the Contact Us page, if you need to return/exchange the Veito CH1500RE Standing Heater (Black).


Infrared heater heat objects and individuals directly, much like the sun, and turn them into heat sinks. Infrared heating results in better heating and greater energy efficiency, thus helping you save on your energy bills. By not wasting energy in heating the air around the objects, Veito infrared heaters save energy, and are environment-friendly.

Veito free standing infrared heaters are the most efficient heaters in the market, as they turn 100% of input energy into heat. Equipped with carbon fiber technology, the standing heaters not only generate 25% more heat that other infrared heaters, but also maintain even heat distribution, thereby eliminating hot and cold zones.
As the heaters focus on heating individuals and objects, they save energy and thus, money, by deflating your energy bills. The heaters take under 10 seconds to start providing heat after being switched on, for easy and affordable heating solutions instantly.
The adjustable height stand, protective exterior grill, different heat settings, timer, automatic temperature control, automatic shut off and the several other features of the heater make it the perfect addition to any room, office or outdoor space. Heating capacity can be set to 600W, 900W, 1200W or 1500W, and power consumption can be regulated as well. The standing heater is also equipped with multiple safety features, like automatic shut off on begin knocked into, automatic shut off after safe temperature, auto shut off timer etc. All these features not only increase the convenience, but also optimize energy efficiency, resulting in greater savings.
The display control panel is easy-to-operate and equipped with a push button. You can use the remote to regulate the standing heater, and even control multiple heaters from the same remote, as all Veito heaters run on the same frequency.

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